Several series from the NASA Headquarters Historical Reference Collection have been digitized and made available here for use by researchers. Included are PDFs of Press Kits, Press Releases, Mission Transcripts, and Speeches. Researchers may use either the Basic Search or Advanced Search to access these. The HQ History Office staff has digitized all press kits, press releases, mission transcripts, and speeches that were available to them in the Historical Reference Collection. Links are provided at the bottom of the page to other sources where similar and/or additional information can be found. Below is a description of each series:

Press Kits - are primarily from shuttle missions but also included are Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Apollo Soyuz Test Project press kits. Additionally, there are press kits from International Space Station Expeditions and from the deployment of a variety of satellites and probes.

Press Releases - include those distributed by Headquarters and the Centers over the years; however, over half of this series is comprised of HQ releases. Included also is an index, dated 1960-95, to HQ and Center press releases and speeches by officials-in-charge.

Mission Transcripts - are from Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab missions, and space shuttle missions STS-1 through STS-5. Also included are Apollo Soyuz Test Project mission commentaries from U.S. and Soviet Mission Control facilities. There are air-to-ground transcripts, onboard transcripts, mission briefings and mission commentaries.

Administrators' Speeches - includes remarks made by former NASA Administrators and Deputy Administrators since 1958. The speeches were made to a variety of audiences including NASA staff, and industry, educational and general audiences. Also included is congressional testimony. There are draft copies of speeches as well as final versions displayed here.

Speeches of Key Officials - remarks by Headquarters Associate Administrators and Center Directors as well as a number of program directors from 1958 forward.

Oral History Interviews - (Under Construction)

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